Learning About Dog Training Techniques

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Learning About Dog Training Techniques

Hello, I’m Dom. Welcome to my site about pet training. When I started training my dog, I did not know how to teach the latest and best tricks I saw pups performing around the world. I grabbed a clicker and a book about the subject and got to work learning about this exciting topic. I eventually developed training programs that started with a small step and continued to the exact trick I was looking to teach. From the extravagant to the practical, training your pets can be a great benefit. I hope you can help your pet learn new things with my help.


4 Tips To Keep Your House Clean When You Own A Dog

Dogs make wonderful pets. They're excellent companions that can be your best friend for years to come. Unfortunately, dogs can also make quite a mess in your home. Here are four tips to keep your house clean when you own a dog: 1. Vacuum daily. Pets naturally shed their fur, and it can get everywhere. If you don't like living in a house full of dog hair, you'll need to vacuum more often. Read More 

Worried About Boarding An Elderly Cat? 3 Features To Prioritize At Boarding Kennels

Bringing your cat to stay at a boarding kennel may be a necessity due to leaving on an extended trip and a home sitter not being an option. If you've decided to board your cat, but you're concerned about their stay due to their age, it's important that you take some time comparing kennels based on the quality of care that they can provide for senior cats. Knowing what kind of care to prioritize when boarding an older cat can help reduce the risk of any problems and help ensure that your cat is comfortable. Read More 

4 Things Your Cat’s First Aid Kit Needs

Many pet owners never consider the worst when it comes to caring for a pet. While a veterinarian or emergency vet should always be within reach, your ability to care for your pet at home until you get to the vet's office is important, too. If you don't have a first aid kit for your pet yet, here are three things you should include. 1. Quick Clot Quick clot is a type of topical that can be used to help speed up the process of blood clots forming. Read More 

4 Tips For Caring For A Pet Corn Snake

Once you decide to have a snake for a pet when looking at reptiles for sale, opting for a corn snake is a great choice. Corn snakes are known for their beautiful, bright coloring, docile temperaments, and tendency to be low maintenance pets. While corn snakes are on the easy end of the pet ownership spectrum, there are still special care considerations you should take into account before you bring your snake home. Read More 

Support Animals On Planes: Is This Useful?

Flight anxiety is a difficult problem that many people feel they cannot overcome. Thankfully, support animals can serve as a useful calming influence for many people. Before you decide on having an emotional support animal, it is important to understand not only their benefits, but also the problems that can occur with them. Remember that you won't be getting a support animal just for the flight: You'll have to take care of them for the rest of their life. Read More